• Should I buy a hard shell hot tub or inflatable hot tub ?

    As the summer comes and the garden and courtyard awaken many of us want to spend more time outdoors and upgrade our home environment.


    One of the best ways to do this is by putting a hot tub in the hot tub. Hot tab is a product that also improves the quality of life and also greatly enhances the design of a yard, roof or house where it is located.


    Since the Big Brother season 3 aired, there has been a great deal of confusion between the different brands and manufacturers. Due to the great success and exposure of Hot Tub, every hot tub or hot tub is suddenly called Hot Tab, and everyone advertises that their product is the one that is placed in the big fireplace yard ...


    The main criterion that distinguishes the types of hot tub is the material from which the hot tub is built: the choice is between 2 main materials - plastic or wood. The classic hot tub is made of fiberglass foundry with many variations to it - acrylic hot tub, that glass made of plastic with floor coverings and more. The Hot Tab is built entirely of red bronze. The material has many implications:


    1. Touch - As we wash, lean on the walls of the hot tub and sit on the benches. The quality of the material we will come in contact with is very significant to the bathing experience - are you just wearing a platinum touch or a soft, luxurious wooden touch?


    2. Water quality - The water storage tank is of great importance in determining the water quality, for example - we all know the difference in the taste of a cold drink from a glass container or aluminum can, similarly the quality of the water in the hot tub is influenced by the material that stores it. While bathing in a hot tub, the cedar tree secretes its aromatic oils into the water. The oils of the cedar tree are known for the medicinal qualities of stress reduction and muscle relaxation, skin restoration and vitality and in addition, the cedar tree has a delicate and wonderful smell that has been happy for years.


    3. Aesthetics and design - Placing a hot tub in the yard or inside the house is a major design decision. While many types of hot tubs made of plastic can be made of wood or various materials, the cladding will always look - cladding. Hot Tab is the only hot tub made of wood, a special technique similar to the technique of wine barrels - chopping wooden beams. The circular structure of the barrel and the harmonious blending of the reddish-brown timber beams textured with silvery stainless steel clasps create a central and special design element that enhances and upgrades wherever it is placed.


    4. Hot Tab Prices - Hot tub prices and Hot Tub prices range from less than $ 20 to over $ 100,000. Hot tab prices are between $ 30 and $ 60. When spending such an amount, keep in mind that "Whoever buys cheap - pays dearly "The low-cost hot tubs indicate a mass production in China and a product that will last for little time. Beyond that, compare the price between mass-produced plastic hot tubs and hot-tubed cedar tabs, as compared to a plastic crown table and a custom-made wooden table.

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